Selling Tips

Obtain a contract of sale

Have your solicitor or conveyancer prepare a contract of sale with all the terms and conditions.

De – personalise

  • Remove personal item such as photographs
  • Remove excess furniture
  • Put away appliances such as irons and toasters
  • Put dishes away
  • Place all clothing and accessories in the wardrobe

Keep it clean and tidy

  • Pay special attention to kitchen and bathroom
  • Vacuum daily
  • Dust furniture, ceiling fan blades and light fixtures
  • Bleach dingy grout
  • Air out any musty smelling areas

Repair, update or renovate

  • Fix leaking taps, shower heads and lavatories
  • Replace or repair cracks and holes in floors and walls
  • Fix doors that jam and squeak
  • Replace light bulbs that are not working
  • Re grout tiles if needed
  • If repainting neutral colours are recommended

Be realistic about the selling price

Selling your property is a big decision and getting the price right from the start is vital to to a good outcome. When t the price of the property it is important to consider what has sold, what is currently for sale and the buyers view point as they have to see value in your property compared with other properties they have seen. We are able to give an honest, unbiased opinion of the current market. Getting the price right in the beginning encourages the right buyers, best price in the least amount of time.