Guide to Renting

Tenant Information

At the start of every tenancy you should be given the following by the land lord or agent:

  • A copy of the new tenant check list
  • A copy of your lease (tenancy agreement)
  • 2 copies of the premises condition report
  • A bond lodgement form for you to sign (for NSW Fair Trading lodgement)

Before you sign a lease make sure you read it thoroughly. If there is anything you don’t understand, ask questions. Rememember you are committing to a legally binding contract for which there is no cooling – off period. You want to be certian you understand and agree to what you are signing.

Payment in advance

  • 2 weeks rent in advance, unless you freely offer to pay per month more than 4 weeks rent as rental bond

You will not be charged for

  • The cost of preparing the lease
    The initial supply of keys and security devices to each tenant named on the lease

After you move in make sure

  • Fill in your part of the condition report and return a copy to your agent or landlord within 7 days
  • Get a letter from Fair Trading sometime during the first 2 months notifiying that your bond has been received and advising of your Rental Bond Number. Contact Fair Traiding if you have not received notification

Ending a tenancy – Guide for Tenants

To end your tenancy, you will need to give written notice to the land lord or agent.
The notice period will be different depending on the situation. You can also end your tenancy by moving out after you have been given notice by the land lord.

Ending a tenancy – At the end of a fixed term

If you want to end your tenancy when the fixed term period of the agreement is due end, you will need to give at least 14 days notice. This can be given up to and including the last day of the fixed term.

Ending a tenancy – After the fixed term

If you want to end your tenancy after the fixed term has ended (and have not signed another lease) you will needto give at least 21 days notice. This notice can be given at any time and does not have to line up with the rent payment cycle. You must pay the rent upto and including the day your notice ends and you and you vacate.

When a property is put up for sale

If a landlord notifies their intention to sell the premises during the fixed term of a tenancy agreement and did not disclose the proposed sale before signing the agreement, the tenant can terminate the lease with 14 days notice and does not have to compensate the landlord for early termination.

Getting notice from your landlord

If your landlord serves you with a termination notice you can move out anytime before the notice ends without having to give your own notice. If you were given notice because of the end of a fixed term, you are responsible for paying the rent until the last day of the fixed term. Otherwise no further rent is payable from the day you hand back vacant possession after getting a termination notice from the landlord.

If your landlord serves you with a termination notice and you do not vacate by the day requested, the next step they can take is to apply to the consumer, trader and tenancy tribunal for a termination order. The tribunal will send you a notice to attend a hearing.